Provide Education Assistance to Underpriviledged

by Shivam gupta

Lets work together to empower and educate the children belonging to urban slums

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When many of us think of the world's poorest children, the image that comes readily to mind is that of a child going hungry in a remote rural community. Living in cities is widely regarded as a way to find prosperity and escape poverty. Millions of people are migrating to cities in search for jobs, better amenities and life style. Unfortunately majority of them are forced to live in urban slums which are typically overcrowded, polluted, dangerous, and lack even basic necessities. Change I Network is a social organization working for people residing in urban slums through various Education, Awareness, Healthcare programs and initiatives. The children in our study centers belong to marginalized, economically- and culturally-disadvantaged groups, and those from resettlement colonies and Jhuggi Jhopdi clusters , construction laborers, daily-wage earners and beggars. As part of program we try to facilitate - Formal schooling assistance of children -Facilitating workshops at government aided schools to boost confidence of students - Remedial classes at CIN study centers for children who have never been to school - Sponsorship for needy students, in the form of cash or kind - Distribution of books and stationery in our adopted areas at regular intervals - Identifying, nourishing and encouraging talent in various fields - Organizing various activities and fun outings for, and performances by our children - Regular Counseling for Students & parents - Medical check-ups and awareness programs Target Through the Paathshaala program, over 50 children have been admitted to formal schools, The children's are tutored by our volunteers on daily basis in various study centers to help them cope up with the lost time and also to gain a better edge. The target is to provide education assistance to around 300 children by end of this year, and reach similar number of students through activity based workshops (such as music, language proficiency ) aimed to improve skills in specific areas and nourish young talent in government aided schools. Your small contribution can make a large difference to these children's lives, your donations will help sponsor a child education needs and will be used to fund Salaries for teachers required at study center and professional specialized trainer for running activity workshops targeted at schools Other Ways to Support Every bit that you give will make a difference to these children. You can also help by spreading the word about our work and campaign. Share this page link with everyone you know. Email it, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, talk about it...! Thank you! Positive Change is possible, Lets do it together !!!

Shivam gupta

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Shivam gupta
Shivam gupta:
Thanks much Rhythm for your contribution, Yes it is definitely a great help. Faith, Efforts and contributions coming in, espacially from our student volunteers like you, puts us in lot more responsible position and energizes our resolve to extend our efforts and expand our reach. Thank You once again for your support. Best Wishes.
Shivam gupta
Shivam gupta:
I think education is the only escape route to overcome one's poverty in life and also open up lots of other opportunities including the participation in building a better society. Change i Network is doing a great work of humanity to help such people.
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