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Thank You Community

  •   yash
  •   21-09-2017
  •   Other

Hello Community

Thank you for showing your support. We have completed our Presale successfully, we didn't expect so many Indians and people to support our first ever Blockchain project and India's too. India has a total 17.5% of total world's population and 76% of the people don't know about the basic financial institutions. It was always our biggest challenge to break this jinx. But here we are after a successful pre sale. We as a team have had much more tough task at our dispense than just building up any other ICO. We had to develop a basic Market full of information amongst the masses and raise India's role in the Blockchain community for more contribution and participation. We have been active 24*7 on our support channels to attend any query and bridge the gap between a new user and cryptocurrency. We will be launching our ICO on 1st October. We would like to invite everyone from the community to have a look at our proposal and help us develop a community which brings difference where it matters, sold over 15 million INDI tokens and have gathered sufficient funds for the same.

We can now work in sync with our plan and roadmap without any constraint, financial and otherwise. We are already wholeheartedly working in the interest of our initial investors.We will soon be launching our main token sale on various platforms, some of them being leading exchanges in terms of volume with whom we have an agreement of getting listed immediately after the token sale. This undoubtedly, will benefit our initial investor and empower them to manage their liquidity as per their discretion.Those who have used zebpay for transaction kindly contact them for your transaction id, we are doing our best to verify your transaction on blockchain from our end.

Team IndiCoin